01 March 2011

It's Portland... you know, the hippie mecca

Yeah, it's not really a big secret that hippies of all shapes and sizes flock to Portland and if they didn't come here with their hippie ways, then they're soon embraced.  Let's point out the obvious and not so obvious "You know you're a Portland Hippie if..." Then we'll all have a laugh and realize without any of this, Portland wouldn't be so lovable.

  • you have embraced Portland's hatred for motor vehicles
  • you don't own a microwave and have make it known every time you use the one in the break room
  • you have chickens or perhaps a goat in your backyard
  • you have given yourself a hippie/earthy name (and you're totally serious about it)
  • you roast coffee or yerba mate in your kitchen
  • working 40hr weeks (if you have a steady job) is bizarre and way too tiring. (haha, it happens to the best of us.) 

Well, I'm sure I could go on, but I'll stop and leave you with this hilarious diagram I found.

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