23 March 2011

oh, i guess i forgot... HOW COULD I FORGET!?

sorry about the crap quality... it's a mobile picture

So, last month, we went to Gang Of Four. It was incredible and I don't care if it was only Jon King and Andy Gill... it was still amazing! First some band called Hollerado played. I had never heard them before, but they were really good and had a lot of energy. It's rare that the opener is good, especially when I'm only going for the headliner, but these guys actually were. It's a bit poppy, but not pop isn't bad... just that word is or rather has become terrible since it is usually associated with the crap radio music being overly produced these days. Anyway, at one point in the show they kind of reminded me of the band in that movie "That Thing You Do," just faster and a little harder. Hollerado is by no means hard, but it does rock. So yeah, awesome way to start the show. Then Gang Of Four came on stage... finally. It felt like forever between bands. Of course Andy Gill strolls out carrying a glass of white wine. We were right up front on the edge of a middle-aged man pit. It was awesome because these dudes loved them from the start... I merely found out about them in the late 90s, but we both shared the energy and love for the band and bounced around like fools. A couple songs in and noise was coming from the stage... immediately my eyes got big and I turned to Trey, "I THINK THEY'RE ABOUT TO PLAY ANTHRAX!!" And then... the drums began. I squealed. I jumped. I grabbed people around me. I really didn't think they would play that song because, well... I don't know. Just didn't seem like they would. It's my favorite... did I mention that. Yeah, so Jon King was dancing about doing his sexy hip thrusting and Andy Gill was casually playing his guitar while doing the rock and roll intense crowd stare. Freaking awesome! The drummer, Mark Heaney was great and Thomas McNeice, the bassist, was pleasing to look at, but King and Gill stole the show... with every right. After the show, right outside the door, Nixon Boyd was like, hey wanna buy an album. So I did. They're good. Check them out. 
again with the mobile pictures...

This month, we saw Patrimony. Trey set them up to play at the Eagles Lodge and we were shocked by their talent. Hearing them live is way better than their recorded stuff. They were playing another show at the Hawthorne Theater that following Friday, so we went. There were about 3 or 4 bands playing total. Patrimony went on first and rocked the place. There weren't many people there, but after they finished, there was hardly anyone sticking around. 
We stayed for a terrible mid-life crisis band. They're called This, Not This. The music was blah... the vocals were annoying. At one point they tried to get the crowd to clap and the bassist and the guitar player were clapping at two different speeds, so yeah... that's how awesome they are. Oh, and the guitarist was wearing these killer sunglasses and we weren't sure why until the neck of his guitar lit up. It was blinding and torturous and then it changed from green to blue. Then there was the drummer with his cute little Britney Spears style headset mic. I felt bad for the other guitarist who seemed to be the only one that belongs in a band. I hate to be so negative, but honestly, this band shouldn't be playing shows like this. They would be perfect for weddings or small shindigs though. 

Then a trio played and they were fun, but nothing special. No idea what they were called. We ended up leaving about 2 songs in because it was getting late. By this point there was hardly anyone left in the place.

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