01 March 2009

the night of beer pong with strangers

so at first i began writing a rebuttal to this story because i was annoyed, but then i just got bored and figured i would just share the story with you because it's rather humorous even though it's ridiculously exaggerated. 

so first read this: nothing but lies
then come back here and read the facts (btw i'm only concerned with the parts about the "one-legged woman and her party")

  • it wasn't a party. we were going to play beer pong and decided to invite some friends over.
  • it wasn't the middle of the night, it was 8pm
  • there were 10 rolls of tp
  • stealing tp is not the only reason to road trip, but it is something that is done on all road trips
  • of course we didn't find it odd for strangers to wander in. we were aware they were coming and we always welcome strangers. 
  • trey and i both made sure to introduce ourselves.
  • there are only two mannequin heads, three wigs, no post-it notes, a copy machine in the dinning area, and no cigarette machine.
  • i am not blond and i might pass for a librarian, but a lunch lady? i don't think so.
  • trey is not portly and yes he notices what people are wearing... big deal. 
  • of course we didn't say anything about his obnoxious attention seeking hat that he kept on all night. 
  • trey actually laughed at the dwarf joke. he takes things like that very well.
  • trey never did calisthenics and i never offered anyone food. april did eat some spaghetti and probably offered some to the guests because that is the polite thing to do, but no one wandered around with a colander.
  • you don't need to use the plunger if you use the bathroom.
yeah, so anyway. we actually thought these people were kinda fun. perhaps we were wrong. 


Rady said...

Beer pong has been found to be related to the transmission of flu, mono, and herpes. Hopefully, you didn't catch anything from Russian hat guy.

Gaby said...

LOL WHAT THE FUCK!! that guy is making shit up to seem more indie and exciting.
he sucks balls.
a casual nite at your house, however, sounds awesome.

also... how the fuck did I not know you had a blog? christ.