16 March 2009

our toilet needs instructions... here they are

  • put the lid down before pressing the flush lever. if you don't, the toilet may spit dirty water at you.
  • after beginning the flush, lift the lid immediately to make sure the water level is not rising to dangerous levels.
  • if the water does begin to rise, plunge immediately.
  • if plunging was necessary, make sure to wipe any toilet water off of the seat so that others do not sit in it.
  • after checking the water level (and possibly plunging), put the lid back down. if you don't the flush lever will get stuck and the toilet will not stop flushing.
  • if you had a bowel movement and noticed a bit painted on the side of the bowl, please use the toilet brush to wipe it away.  

thank you for following instructions whilst using our toilet.
i hope your visit is successful!  

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