16 November 2008

on the top 5 favorite housemate list...

Jackson Bennett has created his first album.  Download Buoyjacksonbennett.net It's free but definitely worth more, so donate some green.  It's an amazing album.  Each song is so different yet they all have that fresh, honest and pure sound that flows together well. Fresh meaning it really doesn't sound like anything I've heard and pure meaning it's not tainted by the wrong influences. It's rare to find music like that these days. Most people make the music for the money not for the passion. I can hear the passion and it makes me happy. This is definitely Jackson's personal sound.
Check it out... even if it's not your style, it's definitely worth a listen.


SarahReznor said...

will do. always interested in new tunes.

the word verif thing is blenting... what's blenting?

Monikapolitan.com said...

wow, thanks so much for the comment about this!

Just the kind of music I like.