10 November 2008

Albert can jump... house mouse hunting continues


i was washing my hands in the bathroom and spotted little Alby out of the corner of my eye.  he was nonchalantly sneaking out the door and my instinct was to scream.  well the scream made him run and then jump into the linen cupboard.  i pulled myself together and opened the door to the cupboard, but 
the tp was in the way so i grabbed the giant pack and threw it into the hallway.  then i peeked into the cupboard and there was little Albert, scarred to death in the corner.  He looked so cute and since i had him trapped, i shut the door and got my camera.
after taking a few picts i grabbed the bucket and dustpan and managed to get Albert into the bucket.  well then he freaked and started jumping which made me smack the dustpan on the top of the bucket but this didn't make him stop jumping.  so i set the bucket down for a second to grab something to cover the top and that's when he escaped.  

later that evening i was in the spare room moving some of my stuff upstairs and then vacuuming because i made a mess with some packaging foam.  well the noise must have scarred Albert and out he came from behind some bins.  i had the door shut so he tried to squeeze under but Albert has a large booty and couldn't get through.  from the second i spotted the little guy i instantly started squealing and jumped onto the bed.  then trey came to see what was going on and when he opened the door Albert charged which made trey squeal and slam the door shut.  Albert then ran into the closet so trey came back into the room and as we tried to lull him out of the closet, Albert charged us once again and we both screamed.  well, needless to say, little Alby is still living with us and turning us into the biggest pansies ever.  and all this time april sits back and laughs at our ridiculous, but justified, behavior. 

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