21 November 2008

the saga continues... Albert: The Smartest Mouse in the World... apparently

Ok, so last week I had enough. The death traps were set and put into action. No one had seen or heard little Albert in a few days so I figured if he was still in the house he may have escaped from the kitchen so the barricade came down. There was no sense having it up if the prisoner was no longer trapped. 

Oh, wait, I've left out some important events. A day or two after the last incident I was browsing through the pantry for something to eat. I turned around and there was Albert tip-toeing into the kitchen. I didn't scream this time and he quickly jumped into the cupboard under the sink. This was when I barricaded the kitchen. Quite a barricade too. April added a step ladder and chair that still gave us access in and out. I figured he would be easier to catch if he was trapped in a small space. Well, the humane traps just weren't working.  He knew too much, so I freaked (yeah, kind of quite literally, but can you blame me. I was sick of living with a mouse). We finally picked up some real traps... the kind that kill. Immediately we set them, but unfortunately only two of the four functioned properly. This brings us to the few days later when I took the barricade down.

Well, we still haven't seen or heard from Albert, but last night I was checking the traps, as I do everyday and sometimes a few times a day and I noticed something fishy. The peanut butter was gone but the trapped was not tripped! WHAT THE HELL!? Trey thought it was funny and cheered on his little friend. I was furious and made an attempt to reload the traps but making it so the food could not be stolen this time. Well, it turns out that the one trap is actually broken. We are all convinced that Albert booby trapped our trap.  
I am not amused. We are down to one killing trap and still have the two useless humane traps, but little Alby knows better than to touch those. This has seriously gone beyond ridiculous and I'm not ok with that.

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