08 November 2008

Albert... our intelligent house mouse

the other night trey (bf/housemate) discovered a new guest scurrying about the house. (pictured mouse is merely what said mouse looks like, not actual mouse) 

so immediately i want to kill it.  yes, i'm a heartless bitch when a dirty rodent is living in my house without contributing.  of course trey is all humanitarian and whatnot and want to leave it alone.  we compromised by purchasing the humane trap that doesn't kill the mouse, just traps it inside. (i'm still skeptical wether this will work)anyway, we saw the little bugger run behind the bookcase so we each grabbed a bucket and made and attempt to trap it at either end.  well... it startled me when it ran out my side so i jumped up and squealed and trey jumped up and squealed and while we were having our big gay squeal fest the mouse took off to the other side of the room for safety. 

later in the evening we were watching some shows and trey spots the little guy sniffing the trap and then it ran back into the spare room.  we sat there discussing the mouse for a bit and how i really doubt the trap will work and how smart this rascal appears to be and we decided to name him Albert.  of course now that we have named him i can no longer kill him, but i already agreed not to when we bought what now appears to be nothing more than a mouse feeder.

mouse goes in, steps on lever where food lays and the door shuts.

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