20 April 2008

the man's got his boot on the back of my neck...

i was pulled over by the Rawlins PoPo... apparently I was speeding, but because of my awesome cop luck.. NO TICKET!
[knock on wood] then all night they felt the need to follow me around and drive by really slow... what a bunch of a-holes.
i was just trying to deliver your damn papers... geez cheese

oh and this was parked in the lot of the hotel

i want one. it's so cute and toy like.

and... i think it would be the cat's meow if everyone started using 1920s slang... a guide for you


SarahReznor said...

OMG, it looks like a baby VW bus...! cute!

rusty nickle said...

yeah, i nearly wrecked starring at it because i thought i was seeing it wrong.

Monikapolitan said...

I would pee if i had that lil volkswagon van thing.