22 April 2008


01 i have lost all motivation for work... a positive of this is that i'm stress free. i continue to work, but i just don't care... it's more of a robotic type of work rather than putting all my heart/all my soul into it.

02 my yearly acne breakout is under control...not gone, just under control


03 i haven't eaten cow since october (because they are so silly and hilarious)

i saw a cow doing this one day... hilarious!!! i full on belly laughed for about 18 minutes... ha ha, i still think about it and laugh.
if you don't laugh at that, you're racist.

and i haven't eaten meat since january (because i forgot to and then just haven't really felt like eating it).

04 that leg magic that i purchased and promised updates about my progress... well i haven't been using it consistently, but when i do use it, i notice i am able to do it longer and longer each time without hurting... and oh yes... it hurts which is good cause then i know it's working... i guess. either way it is fun! fun! fun! i shall continue to update in the future.


SarahReznor said...

with you on 1, is this a summer thing?

how did you like the new NIN?

rusty nickle said...

#1 not so much a summer thing as a fed up with the company thing...

and the new NIN... amazing as usual. i heard/read a review that said it was horrible and didn't even sound like NIN... personally i prefer bands to grow and change and that's what is happening, but it still has that trent reznor touch. and I adore the new single... discipline.