22 March 2010

whatever you do... don't participate

so recently i became aware of a site called chatroulette.com from one of the blogs that i follow, so of course (me being overly curious) i checked it out.
basically, it's randomly video chatting with people around the world... i'm not really sure of the purpose and when it starts out you have to click on a button that says 'new game' not sure if you're suppose to play a game or what, but here are some of our screen shots from playing with chat roulette. the community there is mostly made up of pervs. way too many dudes are entirely too comfortable wanking it while a stranger watches (the naked pict below was the least offensive of the many that i captured). the other, maybe 15%, are decent people and actually friendly and want to merely chat. 

i learned that a lot of people will wear dark glasses, masks, bandanas.. i guess to conceal their identity, but when i wore masks or glasses, it just seemed more fun.  

i guess there are some popular characters on CR as well...
check out this video from youtube.com

so anyway... it's been very odd playing around on chat roulette. it's kind of addicting, but i think that's just because i'm quite the voyeur. other than that... seems like a big W O T. (that's waste of time for those who don't watch Home Movies on a daily basis)


Angie said...

love ur post... am currently dicussing giving chatroulette ago with a mates... just for the giggle... ty

knuckles said...

thanks! definitely worth checking out... at least once.