20 December 2008

True Tales of Scary Larry

Our home came with a one bedroom apartment in the basement. There is a completely different entrance but there is also access to this apartment from the basement. This apartment came with a tenant. His name is Larry Wadosky. Let me tell you a little about Scary Larry.

First encounter: Trey and I were admiring our new home one day before we were actually moved in and we decided to go introduce ourselves to our basement neighbor. He seemed nice. A bit off, but friendly. 

Second encounter: Again Trey and I were at the new place one evening moving some things in and doing a bit of unpacking. It wasn't too late. Maybe about 9 or 10 at night. We weren't even being loud by any means and suddenly from the back stairwell we hear Scary Larry screaming up the stairs at us. Saying things like "shut the fuck up" and "why don't you just go home." Completely shocked and a bit frightened, Trey and I gathered ourselves and left immediately. 

Third encounter: The night we officially moved in we were up until about midnight doing nothing other than watching tv and relaxing after the hectic day we all had. The next day Trey spoke with our landlord and he mentioned that Scary Larry called him and said we were loud and up all hours of the night and he was moving. We apologized, but the landlord said this wasn't necessary and this is just how Larry acts. We were extremely excited that only after one night, we were going to be rid of Scary Larry. But we later learned that this was not going to happen that easy.

In the short time we have lived here (since 31OCT08) Scary Larry has:
  • Given us rules - no laundry after 7pm (but he told april 6pm and Trey 6pm)
  • Flipped out at Trey for parking his car in our half of the garage.
  • Told us to keep our heat down because the furnace clicking on annoys him.
  • Flipped out (screaming, banging on the floor/his ceiling, banging on our back door) for our music turned on to a reasonable level and during the day.
  • Screamed at Trey (and woke up April and I) for using the dryer at 7am
  • Screamed at us for walking around
There are probably more incidents, but I feel I'm getting my point across and hopefully by this point you understand why we refer to him as Scary Larry.

Just recently Scary Larry gave Trey a typed, full page note. This is what it said exactly as it was printed:

Traay, Julie & April.

I would appreciate it if you would please kick the snow off your feet coming up the steps onto the porch and not stomping on the front porch.
Thank You

We all had a good laugh at the spelling of Trey and the fact that he thinks my name is Julie. Trey mentioned the other day that when he called our landlord (for an incident I will explain next) he was probably complaining about Julie and our landlord was probably thinking "who is Julie... Larry's nutty."

Okay, now for the explanation as to why Larry called the landlord yet again. I was doing laundry the other evening and it was getting close to 7pm. All I had left was about 20 minutes of drying to do, but as I listened for the dryer from the top of the stairs I noticed it wasn't running. I went down and turned it back on because my clothes were still damp. Then I left the door to the basement open so that I could hear if Scary Larry came out of his apartment to turn the dryer off again. Well, no more than 10 minutes later there's Scary Larry at the bottom of the stairs screaming at me saying it's too late to be doing laundry. I told him that our landlord informed us that we can do laundry anytime we need to and that he should calm down. Scary Larry didn't believe our landlord told us this and said he was calm and then went back into his apartment and slammed his door. As I was removing my laundry from the dryer I said I would appreciate if he wouldn't touch my laundry. His door swung open and like a 5 year old child he said "I didn't touch your laundry." I said, "Well, the dryer didn't turn itself off and he has no right to make rules. We pay our rent to the landlord not him, so therefore we are going to listen to what the landlord tells us what we can do, not him and if he has a problem he should call the landlord." Well, that really set him off. He yelled, "I will" then slammed his door and added, "you bitch."  And that was that. We never hear from the landlord about things like this because he feels the same as we do. He wants Larry gone, but apparently he came with the purchase of the house. The agreement stated that Larry would be allowed to continue living here for 90 days with the same amount of rent. The landlord mentioned that is coming to an end soon. 

So anyway... Living above Scary Larry is quite entertaining. I'm sure I will have more stories to tell soon.

ps. I was searching the internet for a picture of Scary Larry and found a few other links that I believe are Larry's doing so I will add those for your amusement.

Wyomedia Corporation

Dear KWYF Channel 26

You aired South Park at 10 Pm the 24th and the content of the cartune was promoting homosexuality and was promoting the nabmla which is utterly vile, morbid atrocious ghastly and abominable. I will tell all my friends at church to stop watching channel 26 because its promiting homosexuality. Larry Wadosky

Larry needs to (a) put on his spell check and (b) double-check his address book.

Found here:


President William Jefferson Clinton

He was and is an utter disgrace to the predency. Seeking votes from homosexuals is abominable, vile and morbid. Vetoeing the partial birth abortion bill is utterly incomprehensible, wretched and atrocious. He's an out right lier and a filthy stinkin crook.

Posted by: Larry Wadosky | Dec 12, 2006 4:37:38 PM 
Found here:


Rady said...

you've discovered quite a gem of a neighbor. i've discovered that my landlords/neighbors are scientologist. they seem to be nice people but they don't allow detergents with perfumes to be used in the washer. hopefully that is as weird as it gets.

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!