03 October 2008

this may have been a dream...

  • a deer with a huge rack is just wandering around a neighborhood in the middle of the day.
  • family's are tailgating (grill and all) for the high school football game
  • this was in the classifieds today: LOST: Horse, Chestnut with star. D-P brand on left hip. REWARD. Call 307-267-5336.
  • my phone stopped vibrating and then suddenly started up one night. now it has been randomly changing only april's name. i did think it may have been one of the housemates but last night i wasn't without my phone and had made april's name in the phone something that no one would know and suddenly this morning it was changed. my phone is possessed. 
oh and i found this picture on my phone. i have no idea what it is, where it is, or why i took it.

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