03 June 2008

product reviews... because you might be interested...

not bad... they come from the frozen section but say to store in the fridge.  you can either pop them in the toaster or just eat straight from the fridge.  well since mine were still frozen, it recommended that i microwave it or 30 seconds so that's what i did. it wasn't fantastic, but it is something easy and quick.  the other flavors might be a bit tastier.  i thought i would just go with the plain because sometimes those other flavors can be funky.  at the store i bought these... *cough* wal-mart... they had strawberry and cinnamon... but apparently they also come in chive... sounds gross.
overall, could be good for a roadtrip not an everyday thing.

fake corn dogs!!! DELICIOUS!!!  you can't even tell they're not made from meat.  even the texture is perfect.  i peeled some of the breading thinking maybe that was making the weird fake meat flavor, but it wasn't.  the dog part tasted like a hot dog.  i was kind of suspicious, so i read the ingredients again. no meat.
these are a definite must have in the freezer at all times!


SarahReznor said...

You know, I’m married to a cook, I’m French (i.e. stuck up about food) and I love good quality fresh food but for some reason I still love this kind of stuff. Corn dogs – you can’t get those here!!! I’ve only had a corn dog ONCE at a fair and I LOVED it… I think the fake dogs are the only really good fake meat.

cornchip said...

I really do like the bagels I had the strawberry ones I would not eat them everyday but they are good every once in a while.