20 May 2008

driving with spiders

back in the day... a bit over a year ago when i purchased Bullitt (the honda element... named after the steve mcqueen movie) i noticed a semi-invisible string thingy across the windshield.  i flipped the switch to the windshield wiper and then realized it was inside the vehicle.  i had a damn spider making all attempts to hold residence inside Bullitt.  a few months went by and FINALLY me and the spider came face to face.  i gave it a little flick and out the door it went, thinking that would be the end to my torture.

well, today the process began...again.  i noticed the sticky string, flipped the switch to the wipers and of course (i wasn't surprised this time) it was on the inside.  i've thought about setting off one of those bug bombs inside the vehicle, but geez... that's a bit drastic.  and... ewwww!
i once tried to burn it out by turning the heat on full force at the red hot temperature, but later found out that did not work.  so, until i see the spider crawling toward me with hopes that it can get just one juicy bite of my delicious flesh... i guess i'm driving with spiders.

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