15 October 2011

enough nonsense... Coffee Brewing Experimentation

Toddy Cold-Brewed Coffee... a lot of people have no idea. I didn't. The word toddy meant booze to me. When it pertains to coffee, it's referring to the cold brew method. Cold brew coffee isn't just iced coffee, it's the method of brewing a concentrate that can be used to make a cup of hot or cold tasty beverage at your leisure.  It tends to be a lot smoother and has less acidity than coffee brewed with the conventional method.  Usually one uses a Toddy Brewer... looks like this:

I didn't want to buy one of these since I do most of my coffee drinking at work, so I use a coarse grind and my french press.  It works out just dandy and it's incredibly simple.  Here's a bit of a how to should you want to give it a go.

  • Start with your favorite coffee (dark roasts tend to be a bit tastier using this method, but anything works)
  • Using about one half times the amount of coffee, (so if you normally use 2tbsp, use 3) grind it at a coarse setting (basically how you would for your press anyway, maybe it bit more coarse)
  • Pour the grounds in the press and fill with cold water being sure to wet all of the grounds
  • Using the press, submerge the grounds that are floating to just under the water level
  • Let it sit for about 12 hrs (or longer depending on your taste... the longer it sits the more acidity and caffeine will be absorbed into the liquid, but never as much as hot water methods.)
  • Press the grounds down the rest of the way and strain the coffee into a glass jar
  • Refrigerate and use within 14 days
When you're ready for a cup use 1 part coffee concentrate to 3 parts hot or cold water, milk/cream or ice.
Easy peasy and conveniently delicious!

If you don't have a french press, use what you have.  Soak some course grounds in a pot of cold water and strain with whatever works.  

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