07 November 2010

FOOD! This city has a plethora...

I have a new favorite... it's called Bete-Lukas and it's Ethiopian cuisine. Freaking delicious! I had no idea because honestly, yeah, I'll admit... I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to other cultures, but I'm growing.  When I saw Ethiopian restaurants in the past, all I thought of was Starving Marvin from South Park.  So naturally, I was quite confused about the food.  How could delicious food possibly come from a world of Starving Marvins?  Well, it was a good thing I stopped being such a retard and decided to open my mind and explore.  
The owner and his wife were altering servers throughout our meal and both quite helpful for us newbies. They explained what things were, how to eat, and made great recommendations. Then when the meal was over, we figured this wasn't really the type of food you can take home, but no, we were wrong. We were told it was great to throw it all in a skillet and cook it up like scrabbled eggs. Awesome! Yeah, I'm one of those rare people that loves leftovers.  Our bill was a bit pricey for only two people, but we ordered two sample platters, an appetizer, and had wine, so actually it was rather inexpensive for the gluttonous amount of food we ate.  
If you're in the Portland area, definitely check this place out.  Food full of incredible flavor, friendly and genuinely good people, and a cozy atmosphere. 
And if you're not in Portland, at least go out and try some Ethiopian food.  It's a nice surprise.

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