11 September 2010

moving for nothing... weeee

it's funny how not many people are actually from portland yet the one question that keeps coming up is, "why did you move here?" oh and it's always asked in a snobbish manner. 
why the hell not, i've started to answer. i mean, at first, i would say for fun and i've wanted to move here for years. i've always been drawn here, even before i visited.  after i visited, i was kind of unsure (because of the whole hipster thing... that really is a huge turn-off, douche bags). 

anyway, it just seems like people have become so freaking negative. even before we moved people were very negative about it. why would you move in such a bad economy and to the one of the worst cities, economically speaking... do you have a job... where will you live... how will you afford it. geez people. what the hell? quit stressing, it's not your life. 

ah, again, i digress. that question, why did you move here... it's funny because why does any move have to have a reason other than you want to. what happened to actually enjoying life rather than being a slave to your work and letting it control what you do and where you go? it makes me really sad to see so many people too scared to live their life. i completely understand that you need to have a job in order to have money so that you can do a lot of fun stuff (not always, but usually). this doesn't mean your job has to be MASTER CONTROLLER of your life.  

this said... i need a job, but i'll be ok. i've done this before. 

ps. i use to ask people why they moved to Casper, but that was completely different. unless you're in the oil field or have family there, really, what other purpose does one have to move there? it's a totally random city to move to... i was merely curious. 

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