11 October 2009

housemate horrors...

recently we had a couple from oregon move into our spare room. they appeared normal, friendly, and rather chill. over the 3 weeks they occupied our home, they went from being friendly and peaceful to disruptive lunatics. there was extreme immature behavior that we dealt with and even had a chance to secretly catch on video (that i would love to post, but won't for legal purposes. if you're interested let me know). i could go into detail about our long 3 weeks with these two, but i really don't feel like wasting my time.
instead i'll share with you a response we had to our ad searching for a new housemate. 
this is real and quite amusing.  we all had a good laugh at "am not a gay"


I saw your ad on craigslist,and i am interested,i
would like you to know,i am a Godfearing
man,honest,straightforward and outgoing,am not
a gay,i am single,but i have a 13 year old
daughter If you need some of  my photos,i can send them
to you,so you would have an idea on the person
you are dealing with,more so,i will like to know
more about this apartment,so i will take all you
tell me in good faith,hoping they are the truth..
Get back to me,if you would like to have me as a
tenant,or a rommie.

Have a nice time

*name has been changed

this whole housemate search is becoming very tiresome. especially with all the crazy people we appear to be attracting.

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