30 December 2009

2009: a look back at a conveniently fucked up year

  • we had the worst zombie love ball/party ever. some weren't dressed up. no one was drinking except me april and trey. april and trey successfully got drunk. i became the babysitter. trey got mostly naked, caught himself on fire, puked in the bush and passed out with his head in the trash. april played way too much beer pong, partially undressed and i left her sitting on the toilet holding a bucket. wait, we had a great party with a shitty crowd. high five.
  • Watchmen was awesome! trey and i went to two showing in one day because we're hardcore like that.
  • trey turned 30. april and i made him a top that said '30 flirty and fun'
  • april got out of casper so we had a party. it was fantastic. i spent a lot of time getting some chick drunk, april mingled, and trey played beer pong. good turnout. too much booze.
  • oh, 4th of july. april decided we would drink tequila. i started with jeremiah weed. then moved on to the tequila. then back to regular vodka. we went through 1 3/4 bottles. april ended up in north casper. we found her downtown trying to walk home. it was a crazy night.
those are the highlights. looking forward to new and distinguished memories in the year to come.

in the mean time...
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