26 January 2009

today's animal adventure...

So we found another mouse in our house. Actually, April saw her a few nights ago. Francis, the mouse, popped out from under the couch, looked around then ran. I set the humane traps in the kitchen and we've been waiting. Well, last night April and I were hanging out in the living room and she heard the weird trap noise. A bit freaked, she was like, "what is that?" Immediately I knew, so I made Trey empty the trap into our spare trash can that I used last time to hold Albert until we were able to release him far away from our home. Anyway, after we had a chance to view the new mouse, we determined that it was not Francis. This was Napoleon, friend of Francis. (that's peanut butter on his back, from the trap)

So, I put some cheese balls in the trash can as a snack for Napoleon so that he didn't go hungry during the night. Mice love cheese balls.

As we were driving to the mountain to release Napoleon, we came across some deer.  Of course we had to stop and say hello. It would have been rude not to, so here are a some pictures of our dear deer friends. (trey took all of the pictures except the two with me)

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