05 December 2008

awesomeness along with my opinion...

This page is full of fun (and mostly useless) stuff.
It's where I found this rad toy. I love to poke stuff anyway so of course it amuses me.

The poking box (Tuttiki Bako in Japanese)

These chips are amazingly delicious! With the Cilantro Lime coating, you don't even need salsa, but they should come with a warning. The aftertaste is atrocious and don't bother being in close proximity to anyone even if you've eaten just one.(brushing doesn't help) But they really are delicious so they're worth it as long as you plan accordingly.

Toasted Almond ice cream bars may sound weird but they're delicious!  They taste like frozen marzipan covered with little bits of yummy almonds. They're really sweet, but I don't mind.

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