13 March 2008

this time i wasn't the one who put the silly putty in my mouth

i had a gum graft done... it didn't hurt a bit, oddly enough.
the dr. put a dressing over it so that i don't rough it up with all the activity going on i my mouth. i'm nearly positive the dressing is silly putty. it feels like silly putty, it looks like silly putty... it tastes like silly putty. i tried to see where he was getting it from... maybe i could spot the silly putty egg and be sure, but he's tricky and does everything with is back shielding the view. damn him! maybe next time i go in i can scope out the joint a little better.

ps <--- that's what the alphabet would look like if q and r were missing.
oh and i'm still bitter and angry that the old man on the right stole ehphoto.com from me...

feel free to send him hate mail or hey...hmmm...are you a hacker?

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