04 March 2008

if it's going to make your list, i should probably check it out...

i'm not sure... but i am intrigued

it's the kind of show you just have to be there for... i'm nearly positive.
either way...i love stuff like that.

anyway... oh if you didn't already know... you should damn it!!!

ps. i'm becoming obsessed with other peoples blogs and google lets me keep a list of them all on one page so that i don't have to go to a million pages and it's like my own newspaper...
i'm going to call it OPB... i'm down with OPB yeah you know me.

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Chris Rady said...

I saw Dan Deacon in January. It is the kind of show you have to be involved in. He doesn't play on a stage, he plays in the middle of the audience. To see him you have to get close.