28 February 2008

i baked brownies to make the gross food odor go away...

i forgot to go to work today. apparently my body decided to finally sleep and i slept through my alarm, a few texts, and one phone call from my boss...oops...
the plague (my plague) is in stage two: hallucinations and headaches
so really it was probably best that i just slept all day.

oh, and we've been using dirty dishes for the past week or so... i finally realized the dishwasher wasn't actually washing the dishes. it was just making them really hot. the landlord is installing a new dishwasher right this moment while also giving me the opportunity to be completely grossed out by the majority of his ass hanging out of his drawers. i'm nearly positive he doesn't wear panties. there is no way that much ass could come out if he had some undergarments on. don't get me wrong... he is the coolest landlord and nicest guy ever, but he also has some serious ass-exposing issues. i would understand if it was just the crack. i suffer from High Butt Crack Syndrome (HBC) so i understand the problems associated with exposing the crack, but the whole ass... that's a personal issue i will probably never understand.

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