27 January 2008

no it's not a sunday, bloody sunday... it's a sunday, lovely sunday

silly little picture story...click these words

i remember why i love hanging out at bars and i also remember why i'm so over it...
+fun with friends
+beer is good
+people watching is hilarious
+i like to laugh
-when the cool cids (yeah, that's how i spell it) club (ccc) shows up
-too much beer is lame
-being almost sure you only had 5 pitchers but get charged for 6
+being responsible, but...
-...having to walk home in the cold wind
-someone sleeping on the living room floor
+making frittata and smoothies for breakfast

anyway... off to eat some pink cake with my pink nails and talk on my pink phone and go to my pink office and do some pink work...

ps. there is no pink office and it might be possible for work to be pink.

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